Monday, March 10, 2008


Er, that was me, falling off the yarn wagon. I blame my current project - I'm making a garter stitch jacket from Top Down Sweaters. It's the cover project, in fact. I'm using some of the yarn I bought in New Zealand last year, and I'd spun some to use as a contrast. Unfortunately, the contrast was more of an exact match with one of the dominant colours in my main yarn, and the accent stripe just melted into the background. I ripped back, and went straight to my stash to find something else to use. (See - I was trying to stick to stash.) I found the perfect yarn - Rowan Kid Classic in a lovely pale purple. Only problem? I just have one ball of it, and if the materials list is correct, I may need two. I bought this ball at Bow Peep's, so decided I would break my yarn diet in order to finish this project. No such luck though - they've sold out of this colourway, and of course it's an old colour. So, I decided to go home to rethink.

But not before a few balls of wool jumped from the bargain basket into my arms. I came home with two balls each of Rowan Tapestry in Lead Mine, Sirdar Click in a beautiful hunter green and RYC Cashcotton DK in a pale tweedy green. At 50p per ball, it would have been rude not to buy it. If I use it straight away does it still count as stash? Half a ball of the Tapestry has already been used for a Calorimetry (and I love it - I see many more of these in my future).

The garter stitch jacket? I decided to forge ahead with the Kid Classic. It really is the perfect colour to go with the main yarn I'm using. I suspect I may get away with using the yarn I have - at worst I'll need to leave off the collar trim.

In other knitting news: I made another angel from Angels: A Knitter's Dozen. I made the rug-hooking angel as a gift for my Mum. Except, she's not hooking a rug. She's just standing there looking angelic.

I finally got around to uploading photos of my most recent handspun. My favourite is the toffee coloured stuff.

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YowlYY said...

You have my sympathy for falling off the yarn wagon...I fell off some months ago (so much for new year's resolutions) but don't feel very guilty anymore ;-)
I love your handspun yarn...especially the brown and green ones, yummy! I haven't spun now for almost two years...maybe it's time to tackle my fibre stash, huh?