Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My Year of No Yarn

It is the time for resolutions, and I’ve been thinking about this one for some time now. I joined Ravelry back in September, dutifully added as many of my knitting books as it would recognise, and added as many projects as I have photos of. I’ve avoided cataloguing my yarn stash, because I know it’s ridiculously large. It’s outgrown the Cupboard of Doom where it first lived, has started taking over the bedrooms, and even has tendrils in the living and dining rooms.

It’s time to take control.


Now, I’ve done New Year diets before. I know how soon my willpower is likely to waver. So here are a few rules to help me stick to the straight and narrow.

1. Trades are allowed, but the yarn/books/fibre I send out must come from my existing stash.

2. Yarn gifts don’t count. If people are filled with a burning need to give me yarn, who am I to deny them the warm glow that comes from giving?

3. Wonderwool (if I make it this year) and WoolFest are exempt from My Year of No Yarn restrictions. However, I will only take whatever cash I have managed to set aside for each event, and no plastic will be involved in purchases made.

4. Any failures of willpower will be declared here and you can throw virtual tomatoes at me. Be careful not to hit the new yarn.

With that, I shall leave you with pictures of some of the projects I completed in 2007. Oh, and I will try to be a better blogger!


ambermoggie said...

Good luck with the year of no yarn purchases:) I love the finished items especially the socks.

Gemma said...

Let's be honest, you couldn't be a worse blogger now could you!! I am shocked an appalled at the size of your stash and should you buy any more (excluding the permissable) I shall personally come round and remove it. So there.

PS. Sheldon is settling in nicely, the children love him but I won't let them play with him much bwahahahahahahahaha

Agentknit said...

I'm trying to reduce my stash. So I started a pair of socks using one of the many balls of Lana Grossa meilenweit. Suddenly a thought crossed my mind. I think the yarn was intended to be used for the hot water bottle cover in Not Just More Socks. Now I can't locate my copy of the book. Do you know what color was used in the book photo?