Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Scarf overdose

It had to happen. All those scarves in such a short space of time. I OD'd on scarfy evilness, and now I don't want to pick up the needles. I got half way through knitting a blue elephant, and have put it to one side. (Not lifesize - just 10" tall.) Worked a few half-hearted rows on the dark red basket weave socks. I need to get my knitting mojo back.

Remember the ninepatch lap quilt for Mr F.'s Grandad? The one that I was going to quilt while Mr F. was away racing in Pembury? I procrastinated as much as I could, and finally got down to work on it at 3.30pm on Christmas Eve. Laid it out, pinned the layers together, quilted it on the machine, and put on the binding and label. All done and finished in time for bed. I have to admit though, that's cutting it very fine even for me. I did get Mr F. to take a couple of pictures, but we were both well into the Christmas spirit by then, and the photos came out a bit fuzzy.

I'll post again soon with the photos if they're salvagable, along with photos of a lacy angel I made for the Christmas season.

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